APPIANO GENTILE – On the eve of Napoli v Inter, Angelo Palombo was a guest on "A tu per tu", the Inter Channel programme that showcases the Nerazzurri players.

Is everyone ready for this trip to Naples?

"I would say so. It’s certainly not the best period for us, but we’re ready. Napoli are doing very well now against top teams, so it will be very difficult for Inter."

When a player loses a game does he want to immediately return to the pitch in order to redeem himself.

"Football is nice for this. We’re very well paid professionals, but we also have the chance to set things right immediately after a defeat. It’s not easy to get over disappointment because, beyond the work that you can do, we players are flesh and blood like everyone else. So sometimes the disappointments remain inside and can affect you in successive games. But Inter has the strength to get back up again and I think that Napoli can be a great test for us."

Claudio Ranieri had said that the big games provide further stimulus. Against Marseille, Inter had done well. Then came the cruel finish…

"In my opinion Inter played a great game. Marseille were coming off of a 15-match unbeaten run, and even Deschamps himself stated that a more fair result would have been a draw, and perhaps Inter deserved something more. As far as the chances went, we deserved more. On paper, these games can motivate you more, although at this time, beyond our opponents, we have to get past this situation that is anything but a good one. We’ve already lost too many points and we don’t want to lose more."

You weren’t there, but the first match against Napoli this season was characterised by some refereeing mistakes, just as it happened in the Coppa Italia, in which one penalty was awarded and another one denied, thus making the difference. Does a player want to redeem himself also in this sense?

"Of course there are some games that leave their mark, which could be due to a refereeing error or a dispute with an opponent. It’s a mark, but a positive one in the sense that when you face that team again you give everything and more to go past one hundred percent. I believe that in a moment like this one, Inter have to think match by match, beyond the opponent."

There will be many ex Sampdoria players in Napoli v Inter…

"I’ll be happy to see them again, but most of all I’m happy for the careers they’re having. Maggio and Campagnaro, because they played with me in Genoa, but also for many other friends who are enjoying a wonderful career path."

How does Angelo Palombo feel at Inter?

"Very well. Actually they’re telling me that I’m already getting on their nerves a bit [smiling], but in a good way. I like to joke around a lot. I have to thank the whole group, the club, the president and the coach, who have all made me feel at home right away."

Do Inter need a bit of luck in order to start winning again?

"We mustn’t think that way because, in my opinion, you create your own good luck and bad luck in life. We have to create our own luck, and we can’t fixate on the things that go badly and that we’re unlucky; I know because I’ve been in that kind of situation before. We just need to concentrate on playing. It’s fundamental for a footballer to have his head right. That goes for athletes in general. So before anything else we have to find some calm again. This team is not short on good players, so we don’t need anything else."

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